The MEU (SOC) - Pitt

All from Dragon except -
BBI - Body, drop leg pouch, M4 Mag. pouches, radio set.
Toy solider - Grenade pouches
Hot toys - Knee pad

Yup , this is an AAV (Actually it is Dragon's Ranger Body Armor).
I feel it is too thin for a amor....!

You know...I just hold more mag. as many as I can!

It's not a MICH , just a normal PASGT helmet & a Bolle goggle.

Do you like my pack? Haha! It's GI issued.

It's my side arm , Wilson Combat CQB.

This may be a Safariland or Kydex holster , I m not sure.

The textr is our insignia , under the text is a reflective cat eye.

A conference of different unit in Afghanistan