Black Hawk Down

Delta Sgt. 1st Class -
Jeff Sanderson

All from DML except:
A.C.E. - Blackhawk Urban Assault Vest
21st Century - Goggle
BBI - PT body armor
Combat Hero - butt pack

The Delta Force was formed in 1977 to cambat the blossoming terrorist threat worldwide.Delta Force was developed based on the famed Special Air Commando of Great British. The original Delta Force was made up of 100 men, and now numbers over 800. An aviation unit was added in 1989, made up of a dozen AH-6 attack and MH-6 transport helicopters. Once accepted into the Delta Force, the real training begins.

Training is six months of assault and covert operations that includes marksmanship, assault and rescue operations, bodyguard training, spy training and field training. New member are then assigned to operational teams. A Delta commando is considered a rookie until he has been in the unit for 5 years.

The BlackHawk Industries Urban Assault Vest is a complete system. The Urban Assault Vest is fully adjustable for a snug comfortable fit over body armor. The vest and pouches are made of 1000 denier Nytaneon and lined with packcloth for not only strength, but quick extraction of your gear. Inside the back panel is a pouch to fit an optional hydration system. The back panel pouch can also be used to carry manual tools such as a sledgehammer, crowbar or bolt cutters. BlackHawk Industries


Here is my Spring Field M14 with Aimpoint M68 sight and Colt Commando.
Pro-tec half-head helmet. Widely used by US Special Forces. High density Polyethylene shell for durability. Water resistant dual density lining for multiple impact. Generous vents for air and water flow. Rivet and sewn retention for maximum strength and durability. Specwargear
This is a PT body armor. Neck protection, hard armor plate insert, 4 retention straps. Currently used by Navy and Army Special Forces. Specwargear