The 26th MEU - Charlie

All from Blue box except:
Dragon - M4, M870 Shotgun, Bolle 500T goggles, frist aid kit, radio pouch, hydration system, M9 knife.
Hot Toys - Sunglass
Toy soldier - FSBE pouches

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operation Capable), or MEU(SOC), is a unique organization designed to be the first on-scene in the event of crisis. It takes more than 2,100 men and women to form the 26th MEU (SOC) team. This force spends 26 challenging weeks training on how to respond to everything from disaster and humanitarian assistance to all out conflict, or war.
The above is a AAV body armor of the Full Spectrum Battle Equipment system (FSBE) of USMC. This body armor is MOLLE compatible. This AAV(known as the Amphibious Assault Vest and made by Point Blank) is designed to be used with the Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI). (The SAPI protects against 3 rounds of 7.62X51 M80 ball at the muzzle.) The AAV weighs approximately 6.5 pounds in size medium, and the SAPI an additional 3.5 pounds each. The vest is comfortable and allows greater mobility for the operator.
One the right is a PASGT helmet of the US Marines. It features with the new issued three point retention chin strap and a plastic chin cup.
Left: An ABA drop leg pouch, it can hold magazines or grenade
Right: A Safariland holster which can only suitable for my P226 with surefire.
LPU life preserver is used by US military pilots. It is usually worn with the pilot's survival vest. SEALs like to attached it onto their assault vests.