U.S. Marine Sniper

All from Blue Box except
AR10 sniper rifle - Dragon

Hi! I m a sniper from U.S. Marine .Do you like my ghillie suit ? It take me about 2 hrs to make it well !! Woo , not easy to be a sniper , right ?

Note my hydration system , it's attach in my shirt's back ! The drinking tube is attach in front which is my custom made.

On the left is a Blackhawk Special Operations Holster .

This is SDU-5E Marker Distress Light is used by people trying to be rescued. It's currently issued to the US ARMY . Now , It has been replaced by the MS2000, but the MS2000 requires two hands for operation so the SDU-5/E is still the official marker light for some applications. It is designed to take the obsolete BA-1574/U Mercury battery.
This a a special model of AR-10 with camo painting .