75th Ranger Phil

All from Dragon except AN/PRC-126 Radio, Strobe light pouch.

I m a Ranger NCO , Phil .
I m a team leader.
Normally , I won't armed M249. This time, just for fun!

See my webbing, just like an infantry, Y hardness, mag. pouch, M9 knife and a lots of radio. As I said before, normally I armed with my M4, M249 just for fun this time.

This is HydraStorm Turbine hydration systems.

This is FN M249 PARA , with collapsible stock and shorter barrel.
This is an AN/PEQ IR pointer and the Trijicon TA01 NSN scope on the flat top.

This is a grenade launcher M79.
All teams , control call. Mission complete! Fall in at the control base for debriefing.

Phil: You think that was fast enough?!