75th Ranger - Collin

All from Dragon except
21century - Helmet & desert BDU
BBi - PRC126 radio , VLI

Hello! I m collin !
As you see! I m doing my job in some hot place!




"Do you copy?" I m contact the base thru' my PRC126 radio.
Here are some of my equips, canteens, first aid kits & my M9 knife.

As I said before , I m doing my job in a desert place . I will always bring my AN/PVS 14 NVG with me , you know , battle may be continue from day to night , who knows ?
Also , you can see I armed an AN/PAQ4C IR pointer and a VLI flash light to my M4!, it's the best partner to my PVS14.

Ranger Assault Carrying Kit (RACK)
The RACK frees up the hip and abdomen area by being worn on the chest thus not conflicting with a waist belt on a rucksack. Additional space for pockets is provided by a fold-up stash away bib that attaches on the D-rings mounted on each shoulder strap. The bib has a pocket behind it that will hold a pair of AN/PVS-7D's or the new M-24 mini binocular. The RACK is worn with the shoulder straps crossed in the back or H harness style. The shoulder straps are low profile webbing to work with a pack on or off and with or without body armor. All new modular pockets on the AIRSAVE aviators survival vest, Marine MOLLE system and Army Modular Load System (MLS) are compatible with the RACK.

The RACK is issued with the following components: 4 pockets that each hold 2 M-4 magazines and 2 twelve gauge shotgun rounds, 4 fragmentation grenade pockets, 1 Saber radio pocket, 1 pocket that will accommodate the AN/PRC-126 radio or can be used for General Purpose items (like chem lights, weapons cleaning kit, etc.) and 1 Quart Canteen Pocket with a stash away flap (this pocket can be used to hold more frag or 40 MM grenades as well as NVG's etc), 1 leg pouch. The leg bag can be quickly snapped on and off the leg via a 2" side release fastex adapter, and can be positioned anywhere on the RACK harness.

The leg pouch provides storage for additional magazines, frags or demolitions and pyro-technical signaling devices or a standard issue protective mask. The leg pouch may also be slung on a general-purpose sling.Text from Specialtydefense