Black Hawk Down
Ranger Staff Sgt. - Matt Eversmann

All from Dragon

The 75th Ranger Regiment of United States Army is the cream of the military crop, a flexible, highly trained, and rapidly deployable light infrantry force with specialized skills. We train for war full-time. Holding ourself to a higher standard than regular soldiers, the rangers are on constant alert to respond to aggression anywhere in the world. Army rangers go where others fear to tread, living the ranger motto, "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!"

On the left side , a custom made Dragon helmet. Right side is a ordinary one.

The ordinary Dragon helmet is too lax. The helmet cover is too slim , do not cover the helmet inside. The ordinary helmet look very urgly and don not like the real one. I frist cut off the thread around the helmet cover , than glue the cover on the helmet to made it tight , then extend it into the helmet and glue it inside.

See my PRC 126 radio and Motarola MX300 walkie.
It's my body armor , I haven't insert the plates into it......

I m falling!!!! Help~~~~~~!