Special Forces in Afhanistan - Hartman

Dragon - PRC-126 w/ pouch, watch cap, sun glasses, holster magazine pouches, belt(repaint), Jones head
BBI - Body, boots, holster w/ P226
Toy Soldier - SPEAR ELCS, SPEAR patrol pack, M4A1 w/ M203, BDU

Which one you like? Bonnie hat or wool watch cap?

It's my favorite holster, Safariland 6004 with magazine pouches.

Hay, let's go picnic !!

This is my SPEAR (Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment
Advanced Requirements) ELCS (Equipment Load Carrying System)

This is ELCS basic kit, come with a carrying bag.

SPEAR Patrol Pack

Hartman ' A Pizza set dinner B and two coke, pls '

UP: M4 RIS w/ M203, AN/PAQ 4 and Aimpoint.
DOWN: SIG P226 W/ Surefire

Here with my friend, Clark, pls forgive the wrong input of nametape.

All setting basic with this solider, a pictures taken by a Japanese during Operation Enduring Freedom at Afhanistan. Scan from Combat Magazine by me